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Test your websites on multiple browsers from a unified interface
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See how your web pages and web services look like and work on over 50 standalone browsers including ones for mobile devices, and test their functionality. The tool's additional features include an inbuilt video recorder and HTML5 markup validation.

Despite the adoption of web standards by the World Wide Web Consortium, the strong competition among web browsers for a market share has led to the development of HTML “dialects”, intended for specific proprietary browsers. As a result, there have appeared some web browser interoperability problems.
Of course, web designers would like their pages to be visualized equally on any web browser so as to reach a wider audience, but this frequently involves a compromise between compatibility and sophistication.
Multi-browser Viewer will help web developers reach the intended audience by allowing cross browser testing from a single application. The application supports more than fifty different versions of standalone web browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome and SeaMonkey, for both Windows and Mac. In addition, the developers have also incorporated versions of mobile browsers, such as Open iPhone, Blackberry Storm, Windows Mobile, Open Android and Open iPad.
In this respect, the application creates virtual instances of the navigators to let web designers compare the results of their work. Just select the intended browsers from a list and they will load automatically and run alongside each other. Then compare the results as you would normally do. Additionally, you can have this software take high-resolution snapshots of the selected page for later comparison.
Be aware that this software constitutes the base system because each web browser simulator must be downloaded independently. The interface is easy to use and supports various languages. It is customizable with various skins as well. The software is accompanied by high-quality support documents.

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  • It creates virtual instances of the browsers independently of the operating system


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